The fashion industry isn’t exactly known for its eco-consciousness. Well, we can’t change a whole industry, but we can look after what we do. So we’re just making sure that we’re as responsible as we can be.

We make all our Tame the Bull attire in Portugal. So we know that all our processes are EU-certified, and transport times and ‘clothes miles’ are kept to a minimum.

We use nylon because it’s more sustainable than natural fibres (no land or water-intensive growth process required). The downside is that the garments aren’t biodegradable. So the garment footprint isn’t as small as we’d like it to be. The way around this is to make our clothes as strong and comfortable as possible, so you keep using them. Durability cuts down on waste.

Another positive of this nearby production is that we know the workers are treated fairly and paid properly. So we only work with factories that have an ‘open-door’ policy. We need to know that we can chat with both management and employees, to ensure that everyone involved in making our products has a voice.

Together we can tame the bull.