NO Black Friday

NO Black Friday

Black Friday is a day we don’t support because it is against all of our beliefs to go mad on bargains the day after you’ve shown your gratitude for the things you have (Thanksgiving) ????‍♀️

It is also our belief that buying less is the best way to do something against the environmental issues. And that you buy more because things seem cheap (seem cheap because in the end the prices will rise to get similar profits).

Last reason, the discounts are ruining the regular and small businesses. People are waiting for Black Friday to buy something cheaper than they normally would.

Black Friday used to be something American but has turned into a worldwide buying madness ????????????.

Is it wise for us to not participate? Well, on a commercial point of view definitely not. Nevertheless we still prefer to stick to our moral compass. And to continue building the brand based on quality and honesty.


Now and then we offer our email subscribers some cool discounts. So if you’d like Tame The Bull at a discounted rate, it might be a smart idea to subscribe. To say thank you, you’ll receive an immediate 15% discount + free shipment on the first online order.

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