Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers

We’re proud that we produce honestly close to home. To us, an absolute must in order to minimise the fashions’ footprint as much as possible. And because we absolutely don’t want our garments being produced under louzy circumstances for the employees.

This happy team is responsible for all of our seamless garments. The factory is located in a beautiful city in the North of Portugal, once the home of European fashionproduction. Luckily, more of these producers now again see the advantages of close to home production and return from their far away adventure.

The factories have an open door policy so that we can see for ourselves that employees are treated well. Having lunch in the sun is definitely a pro. They are EU certified and EU rules are stricter than those in Asia. Also, with nearby production we reduce the so called clothing miles. Your item is no longer travelling the world.

What you see in the background is a large knitting machine. The big yarn bobbins follow a pattern and at the end your legging or top comes out of it. Only the finishing touch is done manually.

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