Get inspired by our lookbook. With our activewear in different styles and colours you can create almost any look you want. Whether it’s elegant, sporty, trendy or casual, we’ve got you covered. Mix and match according to your attitude.

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SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-572
SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-420
SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-362
SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-545
SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-512
SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-411
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SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-498
  • sz000387-tame-the-bull-006sz000387-tame-the-bull-156

    Want to Wear Bra

    0 out of 5

    This Want to Wear Bra will be your new favourite bra to wear, we promise. The fit & (soft) feel, the beautiful crossed back design, the length, the stunning colours, the removable pads and the subtle melee effect. You will just love it, like we do! Comes in S/M and M/L, please check the sizechart.

  • SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-217SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-750

    Slimfit Legging

    5 out of 5

    This great-fitting legging may just become your new favorites. The leggings are seamlessly engineered in a compression style to give your body some great sculpting. The melee colour comes from the combined use of polyester and polyamide, two materials both known for their softness durability and great comfort. Plus they have natural sweat-wicking characteristics.

    For a onesie effect, combine with the Racerback Vest and for a more classic look pair them with the Go in Style Vest. For more of a fashion statement, just combine any of the tops in one single colour or mix and match.

    Small fit, please go one size up.

    To see the colour of your choice, please also thick the requested size. This is to check if the item is in stock.

  • Placeholder

    Slimfit II Legging

    0 out of 5
  • SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-572_uitsnedeSZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-390_uitsnede

    Racerback Vest

    0 out of 5

    The Racerback style will empower your attitude to the fullest, and you’ll love the soft fabric. Features a super nice knitted pattern, and available in multiple colours. A high neckline and extra-long torso guarantees a covered-up practice.

    Can be worn under or over the Go in Style Vest for a stronger fashion statement. Choose the same colour Slimfit Legging for a onesie effect. Also perfect for hot yoga due to the looser fit and especially in combination with the Keep it Cool Short. Just customise your style!


    To see the colour of your choice, please also thick the requested size. This is to check if the item is in stock.

  • sz000387-tame-the-bull-009sz000387-tame-the-bull-143

    Perfect Flow Legging

    0 out of 5

    Go with the flow in these beautiful leggings, designed for active work outs and hot yoga styles. Like all our leggings, the Perfect Flow offers a high waist for comfortly bending forward. Seamlessly engineered in a mix of polyamide and polyester, it guarantees you can sweat to the max but with a white tee and some flipflops you will also make it a great beach outfit. Available in regular and long length. Check the sizechart.

  • sz000387-tame-the-bull-134sz000387-tame-the-bull-113

    Over the Top Yogavest

    0 out of 5

    We are head over heals with this Over the Top Yogavest with its superduper flattering design. Although a bit wider at the tummy area, the top stays in place due to the elastic waistband. Comes in a beautiful racerback style with split for the feminine touch.

  • SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-469SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-661

    Keep it Cool Short

    0 out of 5

    These great fitting shorts can be a life saver during the hot styles of yoga. With the side strings you can adapt to short, shorter or ultra short. Comes in beautiful solid black or dazzling blue and can be mixed with any  of the vests.




  • SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-724_uitsnedeSZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-323

    Go in Style Yogavest

    0 out of 5

    This gorgeous yoga top is seamless and includes bra. A feminine design, it’s got a high front for comfortable forward bending, and a beautiful low crossback. A subtle knit pattern gives it visual alignment. Comes in various colours to match with the Yoga Slimfit or Yoga Abfab leggings for a classic look, or layer it with a Yoga Racerback Vest for an extra fashion statement. Any combination is possible!


    Tip: you can easily add bra-pads if you like to have more coverage.


    To see the colour of your choice, please also thick the requested size. This is to check if the item is in stock.

  • SALE
    SZ000112 - Tame the Bull-255SZ000112 - Tame the Bull-157

    Fashion Yogavest

    0 out of 5

    With this off-the-shoulder top in beautiful colours you will definitely make a fashion statement, which is why we call it the Fashion Yogavest. Seamless engineering guarantees a great fit and do not worry, it does stay up! Also during your practice. Make sure though that you choose the size matching your breastwidth, so if you’re very small here, go one size down. We designed this one with Summer in mind so it comes in colours that represent blue skies and turquoise seas. You just have to love it. Pairs great with the 3/4 Slimfit legging but also with a pair of (short) jeans for a night out or a day at the beach. Why not?


    Tip: you can easily add brapads if you like more coverage.



    €65.00 €52.00
  • SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-103SZAMS0051 - Tame the Bull-362

    Abfab Legging

    0 out of 5

    Another highly desirable legging, you’ll love. The Abfab Legging comes in beautiful solid black and dazzling blue. This legging is cut-and-sew style, so it has more seams, but we ‘ve used them to create a very flattering shape. Long legged people will love it for its long fit, but if short legged, you can nicely crop the ankles. Looks great with any single or combination of our tops. Also available in a bigger 42-44 (size L).



  • SALE
    SZ000112 - Tame the Bull-209SZ000112 - Tame the Bull-270

    3/4 Slimfit Legging

    5 out of 5

    Another great-fitting Slimfit Legging in 3/4 style if you like it a bit shorter. To make it  even more special, we’ve added a funky calf detail. The leggings are seamlessly engineered in a compression style to give your body some great sculpting. The 3/4 Slimfit comes in beautiful colours that we have especially produced to match with the Fashion Yogavest or the Racerback in similar colours.

    Small fit, so please go one size up.


    €65.00 €52.00

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