I have always been inspired by strong independent women. And it is for them that I decided to create a cool yoga wear brand, since many people thought yoga was not cool at all. And to be honest, most yoga clothing available at that time confirmed this perception. So I created high functional active wear, but without the annoying zippers and seams to mention a couple of yoga specific needs. And I did so in feminine designs. To distinguish from the big established brands, I choose for production close to home. Thus guaranteeing the production to be honest and as environmental friendly as possible.

Now, two years from introduction, Tame The Bull is growing popular amongst yogi’s, but also non yogi’s are discovering the awesome fit and feel in combination with the great looks. As a manifest of the brand, I have portrayed a couple of dear friends. And I describe why they are such an inspiration to me and therewith for Tame The Bull.

This episode: Sandrine Huygen.

Sandrine is French from origin and we’ve met 10 years ago at Heineken International at the communications department. Sandrine always wears colourful dresses, skirts and shorts and at least 10 cm heals as if she’s off to a party. No exception. From the very beginning I loved her for being complete her, and I guess this was our first connection.

When I worked with Sandrine, she led one of Heineken’s most awarded international advertising campaigns. Including travelling the world back and forth she worked up to 60 hours a week, next to being a mom to two small kids. She would also queue at H&M at 5 AM in the morning to get her piece of Lanvin, and when we had a lunch date on a Friday she invited me at her home. In between working in the morning and getting her kids from school in the afternoon she cooked me a French 3 course meal. Including the impossible to make Béarnaise sauce. All I could think was ‘really, but how…..’

Sandrine also had a dream. Instead of working for the advertiser she wanted to be the creative at the ad agency. So she started doing a writing course, next to her two full time jobs (that of a mom included, red.). Despite the fact that she worked with the best ad agencies worldwide, it was hard to get a position as a (potential) former client. So she gave up on her 6 figure salary to become a partner in a small – at that time – pretty unknown agency of 9 people. 4 Years later, they have outgrown their first office and serving big clients like Heineken and, on average employing 25 people.

Her kids have grown up to the most beautiful, inspiring, creative and independent teenage kids. Sandrine is looking better than ever. Because she followed her heart. And because she dared to step out of her comfort zone. She truly worked her ass off (at least twice) to become what she is today. That has definitely not always been easy. But she is the living proof of the fact that the seemingly impossible is possible. By never giving up on chasing dreams, hard work, focus and dedication.

Sandrine (obviously ;-)) is too yang for yoga, but she loves to wear Tame The Bull in step class and for kickboxing with her son Tobias.

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