Focus is the key

Focus is the key

We’re over a month later so let’s update on our self acclaimed ‘detox and re-energise programme’ we described in our previous Spring post. Did I lose a kilo? Nope. Did I regain energy? Yes, a little.

The thing is that I have been continuously busy with work, home renovations and social gatherings in between. I had new collections arriving, events to prepare, working guys walking in and out and a short business holiday in between. I definitely got some rest there. But I also had scrumptious amounts for breakfast -the pain au chocolats and little quiches were all too good to resist. And no holiday feeling without a glass of wine of course. Or two. Maybe even 3.

Two years ago I lost 4-5 kilo’s. The biggest difference between then and now was the time that I put into it and the focus I had. I truly think I spent 2 hours a day doing the grocery shoppings and all the food preps, not mentioning the 30-60 minutes daily workout. I had the time to do so and I was in a complete reset modus. Not this time. So life lesson confirmed. If you want to achieve something, it needs focus!

For this same reason I turned down a cool interim job offer. Tame The Bull is seriously growing but it needs focus. If I don’t spend time and energy on it, nothing will happen. Or less will happen. So I didn’t lose weight, but instead I got the wisdom to make a business decision :-).

I have accepted that moving houses  is very stressful and that it needs time to settle. I have accepted that I can’t do all in once.  So I didn’t achieve what I had in mind, but I guess I achieved what life had in mind for me.

PS about this picture. It is a bit silly to doing a tree pose in between the trees – very much open-door creativity. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously so we did it anyways and had fun about it. And as you can see I have a perfect flat 20 something tummy. That is not because of dieting but because of photoshop by Kim Terpstra. So you see, in the end, there is a solution to everything 😉 😉

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