Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can return any item without the need to specify the reason. You have to announce the return within two weeks of receipt by email to info@tamethebull.nl and send the items back within 4 weeks of receipt. We will refund the full amount including shipmentcosts unless you return only part of the shipment. The items however may not be worn or washed and should include the hangtag. They have to be returned being nicely folded into the original sealbag. You also have to include the return sheet that you find with your order. You can choose for a money refund or for the same item in a different colour or size. Please return your items within 28 days of receipt to Tame The Bull, Jordaan 18, 1251 PC  Laren. Do not forget to send us an email announcing the return within 14 days after receipt.
You might! It depends on the kind of shop that you have (we prefer boutique or high end sport shops) and if we don't have any other reseller in your city/area yet. Please contact juliette@tamethebull.nl to discuss or call via +31(0)643501113.
Yes, we replace or refund any garment that breaks down within 3 months after purchase. This does not apply to breakage that is clearly due to misuse or by not following the washing instructions.
Seamless and cut&sew are just two different ways of production. Cut&sew is the regular way where fabric is cut to pieces and sewed together. Seamless garments however are being knit on a machine and only finished by humans. Seamless garments are well known for its durability and comfort, especially for activities like yoga where you don't want to be annoyed by too many seams. Seamless production has been the greatest innovation in sportswear over the last years and is getting more and more popular due to its great comfort for sportrelated activities.  
For all items we offer 3 sizes: S, M and L. Please check the sizecharts that are displayed with the items. All of our garments are high in stretch, so the size that is matching your EU size will be good. Should you be in between two sizes, it depends on whether you prefer it a bit tighter or looser. You can always change for a different size if it appears not be good after all, or you can order two sizes and return the one that is not good. This way, we avoid waitingtime and unneccesary transportation.
We only need your phonenumber and emailaddress once you place an order. This way we can contact you if we need to e.g. when something has gone wrong with the payment or the shipment address appears to be incorrect. Or if the item appears to be out of stock or a return shipment has not been received correctly. We will never use your contact details for other reasons and your details will not be shared with third parties.
Yes we do! Of course we love professionals to wear our Tame The Bull attire so if you are one, please be invited to become our ambassador. As such, you will get 30% off on 5 items per year. To apply for your personal discount code, please send an email to juliette@tamethebull.nl with your contact details and answers to the following questions:
  • number of hours you teach per week
  • Yoga styles that you teach
  • names of yogastudio's or gym where we can find you
  • number of students you see on average per week
  • if you vlog, blog or have your own website and a link to these sites
If we think we have a brandfit, we will send you an email with your personal discount code and further instructions.
It is designed for women with a bit of attitude! The attitude to being self supportive and to going after what they want in life. We believe that women look at their best when in control and in balance and yoga or any other physical activity is a way to achieve and maintain this. We support this attitude by offering functional sportswear with great fit and great feminine design.
Shipment is free for orders over euro 100,- within Benelux or euro 150,- for Germany, Austria and UK. Orders under euro 100,-/150,- are being charged with euro 5,95 shipment fee. If you don't live in any of these countries but would like to order online, please send an email to info@tamethebull.nl so that we can let you know the shipment costs involved.
Tame The Bull is not meaning something special. But since we like to refer to strong women having the attitude to achieve in life what they want we were looking for a strong name to match that attitude. Tame The Bull is such a strong name, whilst at the same time referring to an ancient Zen-mythology.