Tame The Bull zoekt verkooppunten!

Tame The Bull – the no fear yogagear - is op zoek naar retail verkooppunten Afgelopen twee jaar hebben wij langzaam het merk Tame The Bull geïntroduceerd en een klein beetje opgebouwd.  En het gaat hartstikke goed! Dus we durven het aan om uit te bouwen. Wij zijn dan ook op zoek naar winkels en/of yoga- en sportstudio’s die ons merk liefdevol en met aandacht willen verkopen. Niche sportbrand Bewegen is echt helemaal in en van deze tijd. Niet bewegen is bijna [...]

Why it is worth to spending a bit more on your yoga pants

Oh dear, sustainable clothing. Very delicate subject because if you think you do good, you probably might not. Well, not as good as you thought. The clothing industry is leaving the second largest footprint on earth, after the meat and dairy-industry. Even if you’d buy eco-wear only, you’d be a big spender. Because. For example. Cotton needs land and water. A regular cotton t-shirt on average uses 2000 litre of water and travels the entire world. For regular cotton a [...]

Focus is the key

We’re over a month later so let’s update on our self acclaimed ‘detox and re-energise programme’ we described in our previous Spring post. Did I lose a kilo? Nope. Did I regain energy? Yes, a little. The thing is that I have been continuously busy with work, home renovations and social gatherings in between. I had new collections arriving, events to prepare, working guys walking in and out and a short business holiday in between. I definitely got some rest [...]

Starting guide to yoga

One of the biggest hurdles to starting yoga is figuring out what kind of yoga you want to do. It's confusing because there are quite a wide variety of options available and than a numerous amount of variations on these options. The class of teacher A might be completely different to the same class given by teacher B. Ah. Oh. When I started yoga about 15 years ago, I remember I was more or less able to choose between Hatha classes [...]


SPRING is in the air – by Juliette, founder of Tame The Bull I always feel tired in Spring which is a common thing as Winter absorbs all of our vitamins. This year is even worse because it is still Winter in May and we have just moved houses which appears to be in the top 5 of stressful events.  I am afraid I can agree to that because I feel super, super tired!! Next, I have great difficulties in finding my routine as everything is [...]

Time to Retreat

Summertime is coming and so we’re all planning our getaways. If you have not booked yet or not sure with whom to team up, why not consider a yoga retreat. Going on a yoga retreat doesn’t mean that you’re doing yoga all day. Hell no. Ideally you start off the day with a 2 to 3 hour session and then spend the rest of the day chilling, chatting to your new friends, tanning and/or enjoying the surroundings. The food being [...]

The Story Behind

We were in yet another yoga class when we noticed the teacher's supercool leggings. We realised that we had no clue where to buy cool yoga gear. So we searched Google, browsed physical yoga shops, and even went to London to look for inspiration. And we concluded that no brand was offering us everything we wanted: highly functional clothing for vinyasa styles of yoga with a beautiful feminine touch. And if there was, it was an American brand producing garments in [...]

Lame or Tame?

At Tame The Bull we love yoga for its physical and mental benefits that keep us in balance in our ongoing battle to get most out of life. Career, family, friends, travel, life can be hectic. In fact it seems hectic all the time. But yoga keeps us in check. It's also true that women look their best when they're in balance and in control. It's for these busy women that we’ve developed the Tame The Bull collection. Highly functional [...]

Yoga or else?

We created Tame The Bull because of our love for the vinyasa styles of yoga. But we have no love for what we call the the 'yoga mafia'. We don’t believe that people who don't do yoga are inferior, or that yoga is the answer to all that's wrong with the world. It's just a great way to keep fit and yes, keep you in balance and control. Yoga has become popular over the last few years, yet many people [...]

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