About Us


About Us

Tame The Bull is a new sportswear brand. Our clothes are primarily designed for active yoga, but are also great for any other activities that require technical attire. We use soft materials (polyamides, polyesters) that move with you as you bend and stretch.

High waists and long vests will make you feel comfortable at all times. And, we’re fully aware that the clothes need to look good both on and off the mat, so all of our garments come in super nice designs and colours.

Our Products

Most of our products come in a seamless style which offers great comfort and durability. This is especially true for yoga (when you don’t want to be bothered by annoying seams, buttons or zippers). We also produce some regular cut and sew pieces, such as bottoms in solid colours. Our products are mostly made of nylons. This is largely known for its high quality, durability, softness, high stretch and sweat wicking properties.

The Collection

We design and produce our collection with these things in mind:

  • great fits
  • high quality
  • high functionality
  • feminine designs
  • stylish colours
  • treating people and environment well

We believe in Attitude

Attitude matters. Getting things done, making life changes, and achieving your dreams … it all starts with attitude. Taming the bull refers to the ability to use a positive attitude to create power.

That requires hard work, focus and joy. We support this strong attitude with beautiful and high quality garments that will enable you to be fearless on your yoga mat, and in your daily life.

Who is it for?

Our garments are designed for independent women who are in control of their life (yet who also like to lose control at times) and for whom yoga and other sports are a great way to keep balance in their life. Our garments allow them to be fearless in the practice through great fits, a great feel, and great looks.

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