At Tame The Bull, we create yoga and active wear for women. Our garments are high quality and designed to perform, yet also very feminine in designs & colours. We produce ethically and durable nearby in Portugal.

Tame The Bull was founded in 2016. When founder Juliette couldn’t find active wear to her likings that was also suitable for yoga (non see through, high waists, no zippers), she decided to create it herself.

The mission of Tame The Bull is to create high functional and qualitative active wear for women in basic yet feminine designs and to producing this as ethical and durable as possible. Wearing beautiful clothing is a first step to go to yoga or to the gym motivated. It is our belief that you achieve more when you feel good and when your clothing is supportive.

Initially we positioned our brand as a brand for yoga. But all the time we meet these beautiful women who love our clothing, but somehow they think it is not for their workouts. So we’re switching to a brand that produces ‘yoga- and active wear for women’. And with women we mean women ;-). Not fitgirls, not hipster girlies. Women like you and us. With curves. Not extremely obsessed with the perfect body, yet with a desire to be fit and healthy.

Tame The Bull is about using a positive attitude – hard work, focus and joy – to create power (‘yes, you can tame that bull’). It also refers to a refers to a 12th century meditation technique (the 10 bulls). So it perfectly combines yin and yang. Being active ánd mindful at the same time. It’s all about doing. About going after what you want. But also about accepting that it is good as it is.

“Change what you don’t like and accept what you can’t change”

Please help us building the brand by sending me any kind of feedback that you want. Whether it is positive or negative, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us on juliette@tamethebull.nl or ca on +31 6 4350 1113.

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